The loneliness of the community manager: unclear tasks and little support.

©Ryoji Iwata

Strategy first, community then

Why do we say that the community manager is alone?

Without a team — and evaluated on wrong metrics

One of the main tasks a community manager should do is to monitor the sentiment and needs of the community. However, when they do monitor, when they notice and understand what functionality or service the community requires, they often do not have a team to implement it.
I once met the community manager of a peer-to-peer platform who would have known how to improve community engagement but his bosses never gave him the chance to proceed, due to lack of resources, budget or perhaps lack of confidence in the growth of the community.
Fearing failure, they stood still.



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Marta Mainieri

Marta Mainieri


Marta Mainieri is a consultant, trainer and speaker expert in the field of Sharing Economy, platform design and community design.